Justin Thomas Scott Kukuruzovic (dalaimac) wrote in mixxxesbitchez,
Justin Thomas Scott Kukuruzovic

A Recent Mix Tape For My Girlfriend

Hello Everyone,

I've been a lover of mixing tapes for a quite some time now; it's great to see that there are others who don't want to give it up for the CD-R(:. To break the ice, I'd like to show you all the list of songs/tracks I put together for a beautiful girl (she became my girlfriend on the 4th of July). By the way, I like the Morrissey picture.

Side A
1. Bill Hicks: "The Vision" 1990
2. Cocteau Twins: "Aikea-Guinea" 1985
3. R.E.M.: "Beat A Drum (Live)" 2001
4. The Psychedelic Furs: "Heaven" 1983
5. Cocteau Twins: "Pearly-Dewdrops' Drops" 1984
6. Nouvelle Vague (Compilation): "Just Can't Get Enough"- Originally Depeche Mode 2004
7. Prince and the Revolution: "Mountains" 1986
8. The Smiths: "Ask" 1986
9. Billy Corgan: "A100" 2005
10. P.J. Harvey: "This Is Love" 2001
11. Cocteau Twins: "My Love Paramour" 1983
12. Nouvelle Vague: "Love Will Tear Us Apart"- Originally Joy Division 2004
13. New Order: "Turn the Heater On" (K. Hudson) 1982
14. Bill Hicks: "Pornography" 1992
15. Prince and the New Power Generation: "Gett Off" 1992
16. Cocteau Twins: "Sugar Hiccup" 1983
17. Nouvelle Vague: "Teenage Kicks" (The Undertones) 2004
18. R.E.M.: "I'm Not Over You" 1998

Side B
19. George Carlin: "Gun Enthusiasts" 2001
20. Prince: "Head" 1980
21. Cocteau Twins: "Orange Appled" 1986
22. Billy Corgan featuring Robert Smith: "To Love Somebody" (The Bee Gees) 2005
23. Nouvelle Vague: "I Melt With You" (Modern English) 2005
24. Cocteau Twins: "Aloysius" 1984
25. Billy Corgan: "Walking Shade" 2005
26. R.E.M.: "Why Not Smile" 1998
27. Nouvelle Vague: "Marian" (The Sisters of Mercy song) 2004
28. Fahri: "Drunkards Lament" 2005
29. Blade Runner: "...to live in fear...to be a slave" 1982
30. Peter Gabriel: "Darkness" 2002

31. Cocteau Twins: "Pandora" 1984

32. Siouxsie and the Banshees: "The Ghost In You" 1991

33. John Lennon/The Plastic Ono Band: "Love" 1970

34. Cocteau Twins: "Lorelei" 1984
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